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An Interesting and Rewarding Life

In 2013 I was learning about God and getting to know Him. Not really knowing if He was all about punishment or love, I was very careful in what I asked of Him and how I asked. e.g. I asked Him to always teach me in a very gentle and loving way. I asked that because it is my preference instead of punishment. I also told Him to always withhold my sleep if I was being disobedient over something that He wanted me to do, and we both knew that I was avoiding it from fear. He's always kept His side of this agreement.

One day I remember thinking now that I had His attention, I could ask Him for the kind of life that I wanted to live. I asked Him to always make my life very interesting and rewarding. I proceeded to tell Him all of the things that I wanted to see and experience while I am here on Earth.

When I reflect on the things I asked for, I see His generosity. He has given me more than I asked for and He always delivers His very best.

Sometimes I may still feel a little fearful about things in life. What gives me peace is remembering Who is always looking after me and I know God has my best interests at heart.

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