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Can You Believe It?!

I found my notes from a year ago and found a year ago we made the decision to sell our home and possessions to be nomadic for awhile. The memory is specific, it says "for some months and through the winter of 2021".

I prayed about it and I wrote down that the only thing God was showing me was images of living in hotel suites.

One year later, I am living that intention. It's not a dream.

What a great memory to have. I even wrote about telling my family and close friends and feeling like I wanted to throw up before I hit the "Send" button on the email. What I received was an astounding amount of encouragement and support. Almost immediately I received requests for our furniture and Christmas decorations.

I just wonder what January 4th, 2022 will be like when I review the memory of one year ago and how much would have transpired since.

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