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Day 10 of The 12 Days of Christmas

October 2020 is the month that we flew away and left everything behind. When we checked into the hotel in Toronto, we were still working tirelessly and until very late in the night. On the day that we left, we sold our car. Two of our friends from up north were very intrigued by what we were doing and drove down to witness our last few hours in Canada. They sat and watched us in the hotel room to see what would take place. That was kind of funny, now that I think about it. I was ready to pass out from fatigue. Those 4 suitcases were crammed and overweight. Whatever we could not take, we gave it to these friends. We learned when God is in our lives, He takes care of everything. We received so much favor everywhere we went and arrived safely in Portugal. Travel was a very clean and pleasant experience.

Ernest got right into what he was supposed to do when we arrived. We also immersed ourselves into the culture of the country and started to travel east and south. East was interesting because it was farm land. South is the Algarve, my favorite place in Portugal because it is warm and has lots of beaches.

My mind kept going to Formula 1 and all of the things I learned about teams in the Netflix series. I couldn't stop thinking about it. When Ernest surprised me with tickets to Formula 1 for my birthday I jumped for JOY!!!!! I didn't realize the race was on in this country. That race was one of the best experiences of my entire life.

Living the way that we are, when we don't have the amenities that we're used to, we adapt like roasting bread over a fire because we did not have an oven, toaster or microwave. This was the month that the "eXp Portugal office" was created. I watched Ernest as he worked on the beach, speaking on his phone and doing things on his phone to take care of every issue. I thought "What a great way to show people what working with eXp is like, virtually." I started to post pictures of him working in different places almost every day ever since. This is also where the definition of Inspiration came to me from Dr. Wayne Dyer: Inspiration is when an idea gets a hold of you and takes you where you were intended to go.

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