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God's Love for The Belly Dancer

God knows how to place people together for his plans and purposes to prevail. In 1999 I considered a switch in my career to hospitality. In order to do that I was required to return to college. One of the compulsory certifications was bartending. There I met a woman who was sent by her employer, a diner, to receive the certification. We would chat then one day she invited me to her dance class. I said "Yes", but never inquired about the type of dance. It turned out to be belly dancing and I was hooked from day one. What was different about this dance teacher is she prayed with her students. These women learned that no matter what they were going through in life, they could rely on her to pray with them and for them.

Over the years of getting to know the teacher, she used to say to me "There's something about you. I believe God is touching you." I had no idea what that meant. One day I had a miraculous encounter with God as I was going to work on the 21st December, 2012. He came to me on the north west corner of King and Bay Streets in Toronto, where the Harry Rosen mannequin still is today. That day changed my life and I had no doubt that God is real. Later that evening, I unexpectedly ended up at the teachers house and told her about my encounter with God. She had been praying for me for 12 years and cried, well, sobbed actually, as I told her the details of what happened.

This is what I love about God. He used the bartending class for me to meet a belly dancer who prayed so that I can have a relationship with Him.

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