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Hugs Today

It will soon be the one year anniversary of much of the world being in lock down. How many in-person hugs have you received since then? Today even hugs are virtual, but sometimes that just won't do.

When was the first time and the last time that you've had a deep meaningful, heartfelt hug? That type of hug that was needed to heal you and hold you up when you are down. Maybe it's a hug of gratitude, joy or thanks that you remember.

We're discouraged from hugging, yet it's the very thing many people need. If you are living far from the ones that you love, do you miss or need a hug? What about from someone you loved who passed away? Those can be some of the most precious hugs. They're the ones we can't get back and are now in a memory bank.

Hugs that come from a safe place are a part of love. I wonder, when all of this is over and we can meet face to face again, how will you hug? Will it be casual, formal or perhaps for the first time, will it be meaningful and heartfelt? Will you openly and willingly receive hugs or stiffen up? To take hugs to a higher level, will you offer free hugs to the world? Don't forget to hug yourself today.

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