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This IS the Life!

This is the beach walking distance to where we are looking at land for sale, for development and some properties. The land is more interesting to me as there's always a greater return on real estate investments in land development.

Larger parcels of land can have other uses too, depending on the zoning and city rules.

We're in Praia da Luz which translates to "Happy Beach". It's a great tourist area, very well kept with all amenities in walking distance. The beaches here are favourites of many people, the tourists and Portuguese people too. What's not to love about the beach? 😁😁❤️💛

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Risel Furtado
Risel Furtado
Nov 05, 2020

Mine too! It's surreal being here. I thank God every day for bringing me here.


Ardyce Brenner
Ardyce Brenner
Nov 04, 2020

God is so good!!!! The beach 🏖 is my FAVORITE PLACE!!! Enjoy! 🥰

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