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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I was asked to speak about vulnerability in my Let's Talk About series, particularly as it relates to relationships and the lack of it in corporations. Thinking back on my career, I thought vulnerability was a sign of weakness and not being vulnerable would toughen me up. I taught myself not to show my emotions at work. Doing this supressed how I truly felt and key strengths like compassion, love and tenderness. I was pushing myself further away from my authentic self.

Sometimes as we go along in life, we can't see that there are character traits that we lack but ought to possess to become more loving people. In my personal development training, vulnerability came up as a learning tool for me. For a period of time my lack of vulnerability hindered my success until one day I had breakthrough. I cried for a long time. Something that needed to be broken in me finally broke!

Today one of the best parts of my success is being open and vulnerable. It's become a great strength for me. When I am vulnerable, I've found I am more loving, kind, caring, compassionate. I see life, circumstances and people differently. I can reach more people by helping them because I am vulnerable. Being vulnerable has allowed all kinds of different people to come into my life. These include people I would not ordinarily associate with. What a blessing to become friends with them, love them and learn about life through each one.

If you are interested in learning more about vulnerability, join me this Saturday March 12th at 9 am EST. For the Zoom link, please RSVP to

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