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10 Months In Portugal

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Yesterday marked 10 months of being in Portugal. Choosing to travel to another country is a call for expansion and learning in every area of a person's life. If anyone chooses to live this way, even for a short while, I would recommend staying in a town for at least a month and driving to the surrounding areas. It helps to be a bit more grounded, unless the purpose of your travel (like ours) is to see as many places as possible. Then, travel light! If you're not a minimalist, here's an opportunity to be one. Even during the long lockdown, we lacked for nothing with the few things we carried.

August is a month of vacation for many Portuguese people. For us, August through November and even the beginning of December is when we increase the momentum in what we are doing to finish the year strong. In the book I am reading, We Can by Robin Toft and in my Success Intelligence journey, I am inspired to make sure that my "Me Time" is not compromised. This is the time when I shut down and do whatever I want to do for an hour or more. It allows me to reset myself, to think, have fun and create. This thinking time is critical for inspiration, new ideas to formulate and even for problem solving. It's also helping me not to have the strong feeling that I need a vacation by being too tired and overwhelmed. I am grateful that I am no longer running myself ragged in the ways that I used to. This has given me the energy to live life the way that I do, traveling around and happily experiencing new things.

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