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2021 A Year Of Change

In December 2012 I was walking to work and having what I thought was a one way conversation with God in my head. I was telling Him that I don't know why, but I had this firm belief that 2013 was going to be a year of change. I understood that everything in my life had to change in order to make it better. That is exactly what happened in 2013. Radical changes began to happen that supported me to have a better life, very rich in my journey with God and incredibly rewarding in what I was learning.

Every year since then, I pray about my word for the upcoming year and expect God's answer in the last quarter of each year.

2021 is another Year Of Change for me. I perceive it to be a change in movement, in what I am doing, where I travel to, how I travel and how I live and the big piece will be whatever God does with me. Everything has to change.

This picture has been my journey of each year. God always has my best interests at heart. The lessons of each year prepares me for the next. For example, if I did not go through the year of forgiveness, I would not have had peace the next year. Today I am sitting in a place of hope, possibility and anticipation to see what God does in 2021.

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