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A Different Start To The New Year

This year I chose to stop many things I would normally do at the beginning of the year, like goal planning, writing down my hearts desires and starting the new year with a "BANG!" This technique felt so drab to me. I'd rather let things unfold as they may and enjoy the journey more. Already I have more peace. I would like to see if this change allows for more happiness and success in 2022.

I wonder, too, if this letting go of planning and goals will allow God to be able to do more with me. I wonder if there will be more spontaneity in my life that might be good for me. I am naturally a planner who operates with a clock and stop watch. In the past I've controlled my life this way.

This mindset has already allowed me to be present with where I am. I'm really enjoying Brazil even though many days are in the hotel. Things I would not normally pay attention to are fascinating me, like the torrential rainfalls every evening. I step out onto the balcony to take it in. It's so beautiful. The thunder here is extremely loud. I don't know if it's because of the amount of tall buildings, but the booming sound of thunder echoes very loudly like a boombox. I'm fascinated by things I have never seen before, like the variety of nuts, different flowers, trees and foods.

I am in my happy place when I continue to see the very bright colours in Brazil. The brighter they are, the more joy comes out of me. I feel like clapping and celebrating the colours. Recently I donated almost all of my neutral and black clothing. This made way for dresses in bright colours. You might wonder what the spoons are about in the picture. I just want to show you what I mean by happy colours. When I saw these items, I just stood there, smiling broadly and taking them in! It beats the drab red and black that I usually see. Maybe 2022 is year where I will colour my world a bit differently, brighter perhaps and that will bring me more blessings and joy.

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