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A Life Changing Moment!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Today we are in beautiful Porto, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the very first conversation that took place between Ernest and Guillherme about eXp Realty and the possibility of opening the company in Portugal. Ernest was in Canada and Guillherme in Portugal. Things happened really quickly afterwards. Here we are 2 years later, now fully involved in the growth and expansion. How timely to have the eXp Portugal roadshow this week to meet the realtors, set the context for 2022 and celebrate how far we've come.

We are still in the early stages of what we are doing. There is so much more to happen and support. Watching how everything unfolded from the initial conversation to where we are today has been a big learning curve for me. All kinds of things come in to play when doing something radically different. While what we are doing is meant to teach, support and grow the business, we are also learning, being supported and growing in other ways.

The wife of one of the realtors told me that she follows us on social media and we have a lot of courage. It takes that, yes, but as far as we're concerned, what is option B? To think that I would still be sitting at a desk in a corporation doing the same old thing for the rest of my life is depressing to me. I had an itch to get out and do something better for myself, something different. It reflected in how I showed up when projects were being allocated to people. My preference was to have some daily routine work and more projects. I found it more exciting because it was an opportunity for me to learn new things and meet other people. If you feel as if you are constantly the square peg that's trying to fit into the round hole, that's something to look into. Perhaps you belong somewhere else in life. You might be successful in what you are doing, but passion and verve might come in waves or not exist. Examine that, put a halt on life if you have to. When you belong somewhere else, opportunities will open up for you, but you have to take the first step to leave where you are in order to discover what is meant for you.

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