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A Time For Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:6 says there's a time to keep and a time to throw away. We're almost complete in the unpacking. I've found myself thinking that I can live with even less.

This made room for us to display things that were stored up for years that Ernest loves, like the stained glass. We chose not to have window coverings, so we get to experience the sun shining through it every morning.

This space is glorious! God knows

what and how much we can go through and He knows when we've closed a chapter in our lives, how to give us a brand new life, forgetting the things of the past.

I'm amazed that I don't miss where I was. It's as if God turned off that "longing" switch during the move. This new place has brought me more peace, joy and excitement than I ever imagined in these few days.

After 7 weeks of intense change, packing and unpacking that seemed endless, He reminds me that it is time to rest.

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