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An Overflow Of Best Wishes For 2024!

It's been awhile since I've posted a blog for good reason. My mother spent 3 months with us in the Azores. I took every opportunity to be present with her which meant putting some things aside. This was time to create memories and that we did.

I did the same for Christmas. I realized how much of a worker bee I had been and put a hard stop on working in order to take a rest and again, be present with how my first Christmas in the Azores was about to unfold. This was going to be our fourth consecutive year of experiencing Christmas in a different country. It was the most peaceful Christmas I've ever experienced in a very long time. My rest felt real, full and rich. I got to the point where my body was indicating that I had rested enough. I felt rejuvenated. I did not miss Christmas in Canada as much as I used to which was a big change for me. I believe it was because Ernest and I were being intentional about creating how we wanted this Christmas to be and how we would personally show up in our attitudes and spirit. I chose to be calm, joyful and grateful and that was my experience.

Next year I'm going to write a bit more about what it is like to be a global citizen. Each month I will have one blog devoted to this topic. Right now I am time blocking my steps for my 2024 goals. Instead of just having my goals drive me, I have chosen to add the attributes to be the person I would like to be at the end of 2024. This is after much consideration of what I felt I needed to step into more of. Two of my 2023 goals indicated that I needed this change. For example, I have had focus, but in 2024 I want clear focus. I felt as if 2023 had a bit of fuzzy focus. Some of the attributes and words that are showing up for me are intentional, confident, successful, light hearted and humourous, loving, playful and full of good surprises.

God bless everyone who is reading this blog with hope for a better life, desire and strength to change and endure, an overflow of your best intentions, wishes, dreams and desires to be fulfilled and love to reign in all areas of your lives. Have a very happy end of 2023 and a fantastic time celebrating the coming of 2024!

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