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Are We Having Fun Yet?

I'm going through some pictures from my past. I wondered if anyone is engaging in the arts during the lock down as an outlet for fun or de-stressing? I could not read manuscript music, but I played this unique instrument for 27 years, the steel pan of Trinidad and Tobago. These 3 steel pans are known as the triple cello as the tone is similar the cello in an orchestra. Here's a picture of me from many moons ago doing my thing. Formal training is not needed in many of the arts. You can be gifted at it. For 27 years I played my instrument all over Ontario at all kinds of events for all kinds of people. That included Prime Ministers to seniors in homes. Last year I found this clip (possibly the only clip of me actually playing the instrument) when I was younger. I am using it by permission. In my past, my nickname was "Rio".

I'll share a little secret with you about the clip above. There I was playing away, then I spotted this bird that looked directly at me. I mean, it singled me out, stared at me and flew promptly in my direction to bless my head with a white streak. Oh my goodness! I fought to keep a straight face and not keel over in laughter! It seems as if no one saw what happened. After the song that we were playing was finished, I got the support of one of the band members to remove the streak. We laughed! Funny that's the only performance that exists today.

During the downsizing of my life last year, I happily donated the pans to the school in Canada where I learned how to play this beautiful instrument.

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