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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

On September 11th I will be speaking about courage on my Zoom webinar. The date will be 20 years since the tragic events in New York. In order to prepare for this topic, I spent some time looking at the images of that day and speaking to someone who is from that region to find out what the experience was like. We discussed an absolute moment of courage being the decision to accept death and what would be a person's next move. I have not been able to take my mind off the image of people jumping to their deaths from the twin towers, choosing among the possibility of the building collapsing, fire, inhalation of toxic substances and smoke or what they would ultimately do, the tragic jump.

Thinking about the most courageous moments of my life, I realized that many times it was when I was either squeezed or felt I had no other option, that I stepped into courage. Courage doesn't exist in a person's comfort zone. The opposite of courage points to fear and yes, fear existed in many of these courageous moments. This has taught me to move forward when fear is present and in some cases ever present, trusting God. The outcome has always been rewarding, not just in growth but in what I learned. Courage taught me that failure is a great teacher. Today as I think about this topic some more, I am asking myself "How can I be even more courageous today?". I love the reminder from the author Anita Moorjani: God wants us to live our lives fearlessly. Now that takes courage.

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