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Day 3 of The 12 Days of Christmas

We returned to Canada sick and were recovering in March as well as adjusting to Eastern Time. We received triggers for our 2020 goals, like the "Your Life. Your Terms." stickers and cards that encouraged us to keep going.

One of my goals was to conquer fear and get business cards for myself. I was up all night looking at designs and Ernest thought that I should add "Toronto and Lisbon" to it.

In March the lockdown started. The world of masks started to appear including bizarre and funny pictures on social media. Home cooking took on a life of its own. We bought lots of tulips to have a reminder of life and beauty as the whole world began to shut down. eXp Realty continued to grow to 28,000 agents. We still believed that God was doing something good to us.

It was time for me to get some resources to learn foreign languages, not knowing what would happen to the world of travel.

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