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Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas

August 2020 was a energetic month. There was a lot of sanding, building, framing, painting, up and down stairs hauling things. This included reusing former patio doors to frame the bunker. They were heavy! We had our first Uber Eats experience and that made me wonder why we never thought of using Uber Eats before. What a great service!

We had some blooper moments like the washer/dryer installation that required me to climb a ladder to use the dryer and the brand new glass shower door shattering during the installation.

Every day we needed prayers for wisdom and strength, guidance and protection to get through everything. We were laser focused on what we were doing. While others were out enjoying the summer, for the most part, we declined invitations to go out because we had a very strict deadline to leave and accomplish what we set out to do.

About living by the was quite an adventure. I learned the sound of the different trains. The fastest train on the line where we were at was the VIA train. We knew when a VIA train was passing, as it was extremely fast and gone in seconds. When the trains stopped, the repairs of the railway and station platform started. From the bunker which I slept in, I watched how the repair and installation of the solid yellow line for passengers to stay behind on the platform was done. I learned that for the most part, I can sleep through any noise, or as I would say, I mastered how to "CTRL-ALT-DEL" my mind in order to sleep!

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