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Day 9 of The 12 Days of Christmas

September 2020 was the month of selling and getting rid of almost everything. I felt like an auctioneer. We had to be out of the studio in 30 days. We purchased 2 suitcases for the journey. Life felt rushed, like living in the fast lane. My energy level felt like I was using up my reserves.

I couldn't believe that I was packing up again. It was decision time on some of the things we were emotionally attached to. Renovations were still in full swing too and needed wrapping up. Why didn't we put things in storage? When we calculated the cost of storing things vs. becoming minimalists and really living on less, it made financial sense to sell. Besides, our furniture represented our previous home and we had no desire to move forward with it.

We had our first experience of moving to a hotel during Covid and got to experience the Clean and Safe process.

Friends who were following us very closely met us one more time to wish us well. I had no idea what my life would look like, owning almost nothing. No house to return to, living out of suitcases. God only knew.

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