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Embracing Life Again

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Ernest and I sat down for dinner in a restaurant on Friday night. We kept looking at each other and not saying anything. Finally, it hit us we were right back into the fullness of life, where March 2020 left off. The experience of embracing what was once normal shocked me.

The restaurant was packed with people, including a line up outside. My ears were not used to hearing the sound of everyone speaking at the same time, loudly and many after having had a few pints. Raucous laughter followed. It was too noisy for us to speak without shouting at each other. The waiting staff were diligent at what they and they did not have a break all night. Our server even apologized for not spending time to speak to us to see how we are doing.

I had this moment of seeing what had just happened with the lockdown and restrictions which was a yin and yang experience. So much of 2020 and 2021 offered us solitude, quiet, peace and calm that we had not experienced before. I was embracing this. Being thrust into what was once a normal part of pre-Covid life was like felt like being in an arena with the sound of people cheering on and was loud!

In the end, I was grateful to have people around me in this way. I smiled at the togetherness, clapped at the celebrations, thanked God for people lining up to support the small business and gave thanks for being able to embrace being in the community of people once again including the server who wanted to have a conversation with us. Oh how I have missed this!

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