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Formula 1

I sat in awe of God today. This was one of the most awesome, exhilarating, memorable experiences of my life. I am stunned when I think of how God moved me from Canada to here, to experience the race of a lifetime. Lewis Hamilton broke Michael Schumacher's record for the most Formula 1 wins today.

I'm in total awe that I got to see this and witness the events. Even our seats were a Jesus moment. We were seated at the very spot where the start and finish lines were and directly in front of us was the pit stop for the only Canadian driver, Lance Stroll. To our right was my mom's favourite driver, Daniel Ricciardo. I got to see everything.

This is the picture I've been waiting for. For me, my love of Formula 1 is not just about the driver, but more importantly, the team.

I find this picture very moving. It's of Lewis Hamilton approaching the finish line and his team is leaning over and through the barriers to cheer him on. To me, this picture says it all. It's the ultimate champion moment shot!

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