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Ignite The Spark

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Last year I knew that my life had to change drastically in 2021. I simply could not go on in life being the same old me. In the journey of 2021 I came face to face with something I had no interest in before which was poetry. Somehow having poetry read to me this year ignited a tiny spark. I didn't dive deeply into it. Instead I would sit with the poems that were being read to me and allowed myself to think about it some more. I found when I was reading books, if a poem came up instead of glossing it over I would stop and slow down to read it and really take it in.

A couple of weeks ago I chose to add more love to that fire and I enrolled in having a poem a day sent to me. What a joy and a gift to read it each day like an unwrapped gift waiting to be opened!

As a newcomer to poetry I read it the Risel way. Sometimes it still does not make sense and old me would toss away anything that sounded too abstract. Now I find myself using the dictionary to find the origin of the meanings of words to grasp the real context.

Something is happening because I am beginning to feel emotions around poetry in the way some people can feel the glory of a good symphony. I find myself looking for more of those little sparks in my life to pay attention to. I wonder what would happen if I add more love to each of them?

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