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Here we are toggling between the beach and Formula 1, two weeks into the trip and it hit me this morning that so many people are having a virtual vacation through us. That's a big deal. So few people have been able to travel and see another part of the world. I will do my best to make it a great vacation for everyone! This revelation made me refocus to enjoy the moment in an even greater way.

God gives us one life to live and for whatever reason, this trip feels like one to live in the moment. Walking on the beach today was glorious! I've wanted the opportunity to walk among those caves, stacks and arches. What a joy to actually be in it and see what it is like. When I am in my joy, I wonder what God thinks?

How can I possibly describe Formula 1? I am hooked on watching the teams, what they do, how they perform. Something in the team dynamics has me mesmerized. Yes, I am rooting for Lewis Hamilton! I don't think I actually sat on my seat when the racing started, I was on the edge of the seat the whole time. The insanely loud "VROOM!!!!", the smell of the rubber from the tires, the sounds of the engines combined with the speed and knowing what it took each driver to get there had me hypnotized the entire time. I couldn't move!

Who knows what God has in store for all of us tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that? My hope, desire and dream is to always live a life of inspiration!

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