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Lessons From A Digital Nomad Life

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I've dreamt of experiencing Europe. That dream seemed like such a long shot in the dark but here I am, at Europe's door. Being a digital nomad of sorts is something I wondered about too but never thought I would become it. It's quite an enlightening experience to learn to live exactly that way. We were so close to buying a portable printer at one point, but the thought of increasing the weight of our suitcases deterred us. Opportunities have arisen for us not to print and if we really needed it, the free printing services showed up for us.

What I am learning the most from this life right now is adjusting to the food differences. This was a struggle for me and an opportunity to learn about myself and food. The food is delicious, but it is not what I am used to and the variety is very different. It's not a bad thing. It's a great experience but it surely is different. If I travel to a completely different country or continent, I imagine food will be prepared in very different ways. Even when I've traveled to the Unites States, our neighbor to the south of Canada, the food is different, yet we're on the same continent, only separated by the borders. If I can understand food better, my choices will certainly be different.

I am going right back to the basics and starting to learn about food from different angles including the origin, source and seasons of food and not calories. I don't want nutrition education. I'm seeking food education to avoid food confusion. Several times I've asked myself "Why am I eating this?" I never really had answers that made sense to me. What I am learning is really making me think about my choices and how much nutrition I am receiving on a daily basis. I am also learning to ask for what I want in the restaurants. So far almost every restaurant has been able to prepare what we've asked for. If they can't, I move on to another one. My mindset is also changing to embrace learning more about this as long as I live. I am very grateful that the healthy food in this country is definitely more organic than what I am used to in Canada. This is something to embrace.

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