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Life Is But A Dream

We moved to downtown Lisbon last night. This studio, the decor and location made me feel like I am walking around in my dream.

When I saw old movies set around the 1920's to 1940's of the people sticking out of their balconies in New York, looking at the parades, I used to wonder what their apartments looked like on the inside. Also, what was it like to do exactly that?

This is one gorgeous, cozy studio that we were blessed to move into. It is fun it is to open the windows and lean out, seeing the streets below!

This aparthotel was renovated really nicely with the modern conveniences. It's not drafty like some places we've been, but warm.

Lisbon is decorated so beautifully. We took a walk last night to find a grocery and a health store, these are some of the beautifully lit streets and buildings around us.

We have not decided where we want to spend Christmas, but we'll be happy to be here and enjoy what's around us at any time. It's so exciting!!!

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