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Looking Good In My Skin

Around 2012 or 2013 I arrived at my hair salon a little early one day. My stylist was serving someone whom I had never seen before. This woman had impeccable skin like I had never ever seen on any other person. Her skin looked so healthy, alive, well hydrated and naturally glowing. I didn't want to be rude, but I could not stop staring at her. After she left, I asked my stylist who this woman was and commented on her skin. She laughed and told me "That's Renata (pictured below) from California Sun Spa. She's in the business of beauty and takes excellent care of clients. If you go there, you won't go anywhere else." I made an appointment to visit the spa, and while I lived in Canada this was the only spa I would visit. I have always been amazed at the healthy look of skin of the estheticians who work there as well.

During my extensive travels, particularly between 2020 and 2022, something happened to my skin. I started to have hundreds of tiny bumps on my face which I could not resolve. I don't know if it was the climate, food or stress as I lived in over 260 places during that time. My skin was unresponsive and became more and more plugged. I was feeling so low in confidence and at my wits end for a solution. I went for facials in different countries, tried all kinds of different products, hydrated and exfoliated like crazy but nothing worked. No matter where I traveled to, I could not find a person who could help me resolve this issue.

It wasn't until I returned to Canada at the end of 2022 that I promptly visited my trusted esthetician that the resolution came along with a great educational lesson. When she first saw me after a couple of years, she asked me what in the world happened to my facial skin. She listened carefully to my journey, examined my skin and concluded it changed from being tough to very sensitive. I was also using completely wrong products. My facials during my travels had been sub-par everywhere I went and the recommended products all seemed to be oil based, either sticky or gluey. My poor skin probably was not breathing. I tried to hide it with make-up. This turned out to the wrong move, plugging the pores even further.

Throughout my life, I never understood the need for taking care of my skin to the degree that I am doing now. I had no routine and no products to believe in except for one brand I used a very long time ago which gave me success. Eventually it was no longer available in Canada, so I reverted to whatever I felt I should use.

My esthetician changed my regime and gave me some very useful tips about product selection, especially for my travels. Now that I am in my 50's, she introduced me to the Vitamin C skin products. I had heard of this being used for women approaching this decade but didn't know of anyone who used it. Because I could not find the North American brands that I'm used to when I was overseas, she gave me this guide: start with skin care products made in France. She said the French people from France understand skin the best. If I could not find the products she recommended from the brands Guinot, G.M.Collin and Yonka, then find equivalent products that are made in France.

I was told to be very patient with my skin for the first 3-6 months after my facial. I kid you not, after the facial, my skin felt alive for the first time in years, like a living organ. She prepared me by telling me I would undergo tingling, some redness and other skin changes, but I would eventually see considerable improvement by the third month. She was so right, my skin is now a success story! I now have a routine for my facial self care. Because I am patient with myself regarding this and not hurried, it feels like a bit of pampering at the end of the day that I really look forward to.

My diligence and discipline are paying off. I've even changed my make-up because I need less now that I have nothing to hide. At my recent visit, my esthetician said that if she didn't know my story, she would not have known that I had such grave skin issues 8 months ago. The products she recommended worked excellently.

At my last visit, as I sat in the reception area, I spoke to another customer who was seated beside me. She said she had been attending California Sun Spa for more than 20 years for the same reason. They know and treat skin excellently! If you are in Toronto, book an appointment at . I won't let anyone else touch my skin. If you have skin issues, go in search of finding the help you need and don't give up. It is such a boost in confidence to look good in my skin again.

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