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Lost and Found

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

It's been over a year since we became digital nomads and we've never lost anything that we owned until now. It's the most bizarre thing because we didn't lose small items, but larger ones. We're very careful when we check out of a place or return a car to make sure that nothing is left behind. This time it's my running shoes which was from my favourite brand, Saucony. We also lost a jacket, golf shirt, body lotion, electric toothbrush and a pair of glasses. I'm not upset, but I find it so strange that these are missing, especially when I remember seeing them being packed. I surrendered to maybe someone needs these more than we do.

Finding peace and not being upset about what I lost gave me a feeling of contentment. Today I had some new experiences. It may not seem like a big thing to you but it struck me that I have never had to do these two things: I bought cat food for the first time in my life and I picked cabbages from the garden of the place where we are staying.

Since I have lived on my own I've never had pets. I can't believe all of the options out there for cats. There's a beautiful ginger cat that obviously belongs to someone else. It's very healthy looking. Every morning around 8:30 am and every evening around 7:30 pm the cat appears, meowing all the way, waiting to be fed. Picking the cabbage was not just a matter of doing that, but paying attention to what was around it. There were lots of snails. I remembered my aunt who lives in a small farm once told me, if you see insects eating the crops, that means they're not sprayed. This was the case. The snails were on the outer leaves. It was good to just sit and watch them for awhile, then pick them off and place them somewhere else.

Finding new experiences always brings joy. This week I also made friends with a frog that lives in the garden pond and watched a shepherd and his sheep walk in the natural land that surrounds the house. It's so true that the sheep always knows its shepherd. When it was time for them to move along, he simply tapped his staff twice, whistled once and they call came running from wherever they were grazing. What a lesson! It's good to not focus on what's lost in life, but find what brings joy instead.

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