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My Success Story

Last night we celebrated the first anniversary of eXp Portugal. I remember the opening clearly a year ago, witnessing everything that happened in the background, not knowing what would happen and who would join. When embarking on the journey of a lifetime, it can be impossible to see the phenomenol story that's being written when you are one of the main characters.

I am incredibly proud of Ernest for stepping out boldly to support the building of this team. In one year we have over 200 realtors. This was a journey in growth, success, leadership, endless travel, support and love. I learned how to live virtually in ways that I never dreamt possible. Celebrations occured in 3 areas of Portugal. In our celebrations we sang, we danced and returned to our hotel at 2:30 am! We connected with the other regions over Zoom, wishing one another a very happy anniversary.

We arrived here 1 year and 2 months ago with the 4 suitcases. Now we are leaving with 2. I know what the story might look like now on a small scale. To step into Brazil and experience it on a large scale, well, that wows me! Knowing what I know about us now, we are ready to leap forward into the unknown again and I am excited write about this chapter of our lives. So long for now Portugal!

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