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One Small Step For You Is A Giant Leap For Me

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Today I am playing around with my Wix website. I am overcoming being a dinosaur in what I am doing because it is a new field. For my next Zoom webinar "Matters To Take To Heart: Mirror Mirror On The Wall Let's Talk About Our Image", I will take a bigger step next week and publish it on this site. I just learned how to create an online event with the RSVPs on this platform and link my Zoom account. I had everything in draft mode, then realized that I could not put it in a test mode, so I am taking that small step for you, which is to send the invitations publicly. It's a giant leap for me to allow the whole thing to go live on its own!

One of my secret sauces of success is not to perfect things. Did you know that even in these blogs, if I make a typo or some type of error, in order to overcome perfectionism, I will leave it. I used to be fixated on typos in PowerPoint presentations, but I have gotten over myself. That type of perfectionism fixation overtakes the message that's being delivered so I am using it to train myself to behave differently.

On another note, after a whirlwind two week tour of northern Portugal, it is time to take a much needed rest. Even though I am a beach girl, I found my favorite place in Portugal in Alfandega da Fe in the mountains. I now understand why the expats who live in the north love it so much. The peace, serenity and climate in the summer is very therapeutic. The natural hot springs in Vimioso is nearby and it is a glorious gift from God! For at least two months per year, I could wake up with this view. Here's a picture of the infinity pool being built in the hotel that we stayed at. It overhangs the mountains.

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