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Overcoming the Symptoms of Busyness

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I found myself feeling the symptoms of busyness: The To-Do List of never-ending tasks was knocking at my door waiting for me to answer and pick it up like a neglected child. My head was overcrowded. I was getting a bit more serious. My demeanor was beginning to change a little and I found myself almost wanting to work late into the night to complete joyless work activities just because. I could feel the energy of overwhelm approaching. I was beginning to sacrifice joy for all of the things busyness had to offer.

My journey on Success Intelligence has taught me to recognize the symptoms of busyness and provide the prescription to overcome it as quickly as possible. I've put myself on vacation.

I would much rather embrace all the things a vacation has to offer me: clearing my thoughts, allowing my mind and body to relax. The emotion of joy has returned. Right now I am listening to birds singing in the early hours of the morning and I am in awe of the beautiful sound. Stillness is a great gift. I am smiling again, feeling happier, more energized, the mind overload is almost gone. I am feeling more creative. The spark of energy that was missing is about to burst through again.

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