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Pivotal Decision Time!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I have been thinking about the fork in the road moments in my life where I've had to make a pivotal decision. This involves making the decisions that I don't want to make and making decisions to have a positive outcome, but in my heart, I don't want the positive outcome for the person who will benefit from it. I'm being truthful. It's like two opposite forces at play.

Today I was thinking about a decision I made that was necessary for me and I knew it would hurt me greatly. I wondered if I didn't choose to do it, what my life might be like now. I could only imagine hurt, stagnancy, unhappiness, stigma, fear and living a small life.

I believe if I did not forgive myself and the other person, I would have been physically and emotionally sick and that would have affected all areas of my life. Today I am so grateful for allowing myself to go through the pain that I had to in order to come out on this side of life that I am living now. The joy, freedom and gratitude that I have are the direct rewards of being obedient to forgive. I have gained so much more by saying "Yes" to forgiveness.

If you would like to have a conversation about forgiveness for support in your life, join me on Saturday November 6th at 1 pm EST for Let's Talk About Forgiveness. Please RSVP to for the Zoom link.

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