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So Much More Success!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Yesterday we celebrated so much success! Things that have been taking long for completion (some years) resolved or showed signs that the end is near. In this 2021 Year of Change for me, I am taking on personal development as if my life depended on it. I've completed 5 different programs so far in 2021 that touch on different aspects of my life. God knows I cannot stay the same. For whatever reason(s) change is driving me, I am grateful. This week I completed my Lifebook, which was created by Jon and Missy Butcher. It gave me the clarity I needed to dig very deeply into 12 categories of my life which I will explore and build on each month. As I summarized what my Life's Vision was about yesterday, I was so happy that it flowed out of me and I didn't have to return to the notes that I worked on diligently for a month.

This work that I am doing on myself has brought joy into my life in ways I needed. Where I was dull, I have a spark! It's the beginning of something. I've also found I am more focused on my work. I am eliminating any thoughts of dread over things I do not enjoy and I am at peace with what I am doing. I saw a video recently of a tortoise winning the race against a hare. It reminded me of my Success Intelligence teaching to slow down. Life is not a race. Slowing down has certainly brought on more focus, clarity, efficiency and love into my life. Yesterday after a celebratory dinner over our successes, we stepped outside on our last night in this most beautiful place in the mountains. God had a full moon reflecting over the lake waiting for us to enjoy. I have had a fantastic week in nature and what a delightful way to end it!

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