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Someone asked me about Exercise

One of the biggest parts of this journey is what I am learning through food and my response to it. I have challenges and breakthroughs. The challenge is the adjustment of not being able to prepare my meals with much less sodium, fat, and more vegetables and the size of the portions. The breakthrough is it appears I have an allergy to dairy. I'm grateful for discovering that.

When I look at the past 3 months, I've taken 3-5 day breaks in exercise because of fatigue. What should have taken me 5 weeks to complete, took me 3 months. On some of those days where I didn't engage in the Beachbody program, I walked or did nothing for exercise.

I am learning that there will be many more days like these where my meals will be made by someone else. What am I prepared to do now?

I'm adding another program to my schedule, so I will complete 2 programs in the next 4 weeks to see how my body responds. I don't have a scale, but I have my measuring tape, so I will do my measurements and see what the results are like in a month. I will be leaning on God more to support me through this coming month of change.

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