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Success Is Being Slow

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Today I am reminded about a line in a poem that I wrote after I completed the Success Intelligence Mastermind. It goes like this "And now I know success is in the joy of being a little slow". It's the hare and the tortoise race. I'm finding this theory to be true. I found myself resisting picking up my book to continue to learn Portuguese. I encountered a few blocks and I put it down for a few months. Today for some reason, I picked up the book again and I decided to start from the beginning and complete my reviews really slowly this time.

I am amazed at how much of the instructions and key points I missed by trying to learn the language too quickly. This brings back memories of being trained in very fast paced environments. When I became a trainer and presenter, I found there were more people around me who never grasped the basics of their training. In many cases, the speed at which we're asked to learn and do our work does not support the learning process to help someone to be successful. If you are struggling to learn something consider whether you are trying too hard or going to fast. Slowing down will support your success!

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