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The Countdown Begins....5!

Five days are left before the closing of the house. Boxes are everywhere. I have the last minute things to pack. Out of an entire household of items that we've gone through, I'm storing maybe 10-12 boxes which will eventually decrease in number. Some of them contain books I have not read. I will be reading those and moving most of it on.

I'm quite proud of myself as all of my winter clothes fit in a medium sized suitcase. The rest of my clothes fit into a large suitcase with room for shoes and my "must have" essential oils. I know I can scale this down too.

Tomorrow most of our furniture will leave and go to a new home and on Sunday only our 4 "keep" pieces will stay with us. My mom is sad to leave this area. Yesterday she told us how much she loved living here. It's been a happy place for her. Our decision and move have happened very fast for her. We'll continue to go to church here and promised her that we'll visit this area as often as we need to. We'll also start to explore the area where we will live and see what is around us. I'm glad that it's temporary.

To seal the deal about traveling, I watched a documentary yesterday and saw a picture of Germany in the winter with lots of snow. It looked exactly like an ice cold Canadian winter's day. I stared at it and confirmed in my heart that I do not want to be here in the winter when I can be somewhere else that's warm.

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