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The Power of the Clown

As a child I wasn't entirely fond of clowns but that changed when I became one. I volunteered for the police in the area that I lived and they needed a clown to bridge the gap between the public and themselves. I fell into that role.

I have such fantastic memories of interacting with children, adults and the officers. It was such a great ice breaker. Some of my favorite memories are of standing at an intersection with the officers and watching the reaction of the public. It was hilarious! When the children screamed because the clown was approaching, I would tickle them with the large flower that I carried in my hand and handed out toys and treats. Receiving hugs from everyone was always the best part of being a clown.

One day I dressed up as the clown to attend a leadership meeting. What a very powerful and memorable day that was for me. It was very empowering being dressed up in something that was fun and it helped me to not take life on so seriously, especially in the meeting. It set a more fun and relaxed tone to what we were discussing and there was laughter! I made no excuses for why I was dressed that way. At the end of the day there was a great appreciation for me showing up the way that I did, injecting joy and fun into the lives of others.

I am learning more and more when I step into the things that I would not ordinarily embrace in life, that's where my joy lies, waiting for me to embrace all of the fun and blessings that come with it.

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1 Comment

That's where my joy lies! I love this. Thank you Risel. 😀

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