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Today Is A Special Day!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

It's our happy wedding anniversary. What a joy to remember the long journey that led me to Ernest. I began to believe that I was meant to be single as no one showed up in my life. When I least expected it and when I was running from any kind of relationship, God bestows me the gift of Ernest.

I did run from him for the first two weeks however when God has a plan, it is fulfilled. I'm having a day of remembering all of the hilarious wedding bloopers. We had many and that's what makes this day even more memorable.

Even our honeymoon was not quite a honeymoon. We went directly from saying "I Do" into two weeks of intense personal development training for which we are very very grateful for.

Here's to a fun day of taking time out to celebrate us today as we thank God for putting us together.

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