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Understanding Single People

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I am going down memory lane these days remembering what it was like to be single. I was single for a long time and found that I was misunderstood not because of who I was but because of being single. It didn't occur to me then to enlighten anyone on what my life was like until one day my sister asked me to step in and help with something. According to her, I could do it because I had neither a husband nor a child to care for and I had not a care in the world. Whoooaaa! That caught my attention. I proceeded to explain what my life was like without having anyone physically present with me every day. What I shared shocked her. She replied that she didn't know my life was like that. She never thought about it and had no experience of being single outside of her teens because she was always in relationships until she was married.

Recently my mother, now in her late 70's asked me a whether I had experienced being treated in a certain way under certain circumstances when I was single. I replied absolutely I did! She told me when she became a widow and went out with her friend who was unmarried they both received the same treatment socially. It made them feel very awkward. They spoke about it between themselves but never asked anyone about it, whether this was a stigma.

Where am I going with this? This Saturday I am sharing what it is like to be successfully single. I overcame many of the judgements placed upon me by accepting my role, understanding others, forgiving and moving on to create and embrace my successfully single life. I will share many of the issues and circumstances I faced in the hope that it will bring more love, acceptance, compassion and kindness to single people everywhere. This topic is for everyone, not just single people. At some point in life a person may be single through separation, divorce or being widowed.

If you wish to attend my Zoom meeting will be held on Saturday 23rd October at 9 am EST or 2 pm GMT. Please RSVP at for the Zoom link.

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