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Wow! Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas

November 2020 the second wave of COVID-19 was in full swing. It felt as if the whole world was shutting down again as the number of people diagnosed every day kept climbing. We experienced the first municipal restriction of movement, evening lock downs and tightening up of the mandatory masks, even on dummies and statues. As tourists, we were able to move around freely. Despite what was going on around us, we were so focused on what we were doing and also focused on being happy, that happiness became our reality. From beaches to cartwheels on the beach, to seeing funny things. Happiness was around, if we would stop to notice it that it was there.

After traveling around for a month, I was very happy to be in a place with a washer and dryer and full kitchen. These are a couple of the things I'm beginning to appreciate when I have it.

I had my first experience of creating my avatar in eXp World and meeting realtors from other countries this way for the very first time.

At the end of the month it was time for us to return to Cascais and Lisbon and we were very pleasantly surprised to see Christmas lights and decorations, especially in Lisbon. They really do a fantastic job of decorating the city.

eXp Portugal had their big pre-launch presentation and it was very successful! We had 675 people from 25 countries registered. This was extremely exciting for me to witness and be a part of in the background.

One day we were surprised to receive paper mail. It was a Christmas card from a very thoughtful friend. It's not just a card to us, but now one of our two 2020 Christmas decorations. What a difference it makes when we connect with one another in a very personal way.

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