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Yes, I Do Work!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Here's the proof! Little things can get me excited, like the use of the hotel's business centre today. It's been a really long time since I sat at a desk in an office like my good old employee days. This is as close as it gets to being behind a real desk.

In the journey of changing from an employee to business owner and investor, work became different. I had a difficult time adjusting to time freedom. Time freedom was the one thing I heard most employees dream of having. I used to wake up and wonder where's all the stuff to do? I believe I didn't know how to relax. I didn't want to be seen as lazy, meaning, I had to be seen doing work all of the time. That's a recipe for disaster. I also didn't realize when changing from being an employee to anything else, the time freedom is immediate. A little bit of work can create big results because my role has changed. Now I've accepted that.

The nature of work will also change. I'm no longer required to be on full time production. I'm supposed to be doing other things to generate income and support the growth of our businesses. It's a completely different role from what I used to do. That requires more wisdom and intellect and less hands on production time. In a funny sense, I've had to stop "doing" what I was doing and start "being" who I am supposed to be.

I've also found that God has a way of creating the perfect time for the administrative days. Sometimes I may not be in the mood to buckle down or for some reason or the time never seems right. I have a little voice telling me to crack the whip and get going. I've learned to go with the flow instead. Suddenly that perfect day will happen. I will be in the mood, I have the time and whatever I needed to do is done with ease. I'm left with a feeling of satisfaction.

If you're considering the big move from being an employee to being your own boss, never forget that the time freedom is immediate and you get to enjoy some or all of it as you choose to. Don't panic if you don't feel productive. It's simply different living on this side and it is happier by far.

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