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"Inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and carries you
where you are intended to go."
Dr. Wayne Dyer


About me
Hi, I'm Risel and I inspire people.

I was born in the Caribbean, in the fishing beach town Mayaro in Trinidad and Tobago.  I dreamt of living abroad to have an understanding of the life I’ve seen in Christmas cards and postcards. Most specifically, Canada. I had no concept of changing seasons, snow, blizzards, cold, bundling up, driving on a 4 lane highway or being in a canoe. This dream became my reality for a number of years. 

While living in Canada I prayed that God would show me as much of this beautiful big, wide open world as I could possibly see. I quit my 25 year insurance career in 2015 because I knew very deeply in my heart that I belonged somewhere else and doing something else but I did not know what it was or where to find it. This decision to leave what I knew opened up all of the opportunities for me to discover where I needed to be. Over time, I sold my home and possessions, I learned how to create income passively and I became a minimalist digital nomad. Between 2020 and 2022 I lived in almost 250 places and most of my possessions fit in a medium sized suitcase. 

People in different countries have asked to speak to me because they found my posts to be very inspirational. I’m always happy to be of support when and where I can. 

In 2020 just before I sold my home and left Canada I was asked to blog about my experiences by some of my friends. On my blog page, you will find out about my journey, what inspires me where I am, and hopefully content that inspires you. I write short blogs, meaning they are a minute or two of reading. I invite you to read and enjoy my page. I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to reach out to me.

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What people say about Risel

Karema - Germany

Risel and I met supernaturally in a bible study group at a mechanic's shop in Ontario. We were both at completely different chapters of our lives but shared a connection and yearning for God. It wasn't until we both had higher callings, to leave everything in Canada behind and move to Europe that we truly deepened our relationship with one another. Risel has become a major prayer warrior, spiritual mentor and older sister to me.
She has profoundly impacted my life to continue the path of becoming a strong, courageous and spiritual woman who lives confidently in her truth. She is a role model, inspiration and light of wisdom. She is one of the most generous, reliable and caring souls I have the honour to call a friend. Anyone who has the pleasure to cross her path will certainly be inspired by her spirit, story and shining nature.
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