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Happy Anniversary!

Last month, I overlooked the fourth anniversary of this blog, which originated from a desire for my family and close friends to stay updated on my life and journeys. I never imagined that it would gain a broad readership across various countries. I deeply appreciate my readers, especially when I get the chance to meet them face to face.

April and especially May were extremely busy months, making it impossible for me to write a blog. Life presented a challenge to me. A family member received a cancer diagnosis, necessitating my assistance. My focus shifted, and with God's help and guidance, I was able to provide the necessary support. This was a truly humbling experience, but one for which I am profoundly thankful.

Upon my return to Portugal, I am keenly conscious that once more, several aspects of my life need to evolve for my personal growth. Changes are unfolding rapidly as I shift away from my past endeavors to concentrate on my future aspirations. Attending eXp Realty's inaugural international convention in Lisbon was a fantastic experience. The event served as a catalyst, igniting my enthusiasm to connect with new individuals, explore fresh concepts, embrace innovative technologies, and seize new opportunities. I now feel even more emboldened to continue pursuing ambitious projects that can leave a lasting impact on the world.

Over the next few weeks, I will update my blogs and highlight some recent events. One significant occasion coming up is our 9th wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow. I may not mention this frequently enough: without marrying Ernest, my life would lack excitement. I would probably still be confined to a desk in an office, feeling stressed and unhappy, always questioning if there was more to life. Ernest shows me how to embrace life to the fullest every day. He brings so much joy and personal development that it's never dull. Because of him, I now view life in a completely different light. Happy anniversary to my love, joy and best friend, Ernest!

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Happy anniversary to you and Ernest. Glad to hear all went well during your visit up here. Take care .

Replying to

Thank you Peter. I hope we can meet during one of my future visits. It would be lovely to see you and Cynthia.

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