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Keep dreaming!

Did you once take time to dream and stopped doing so? I did. I've been thinking about the long list of things that I dreamed about, not knowing how they were possible. There were some very big dreams where money was required and I didn't have it and neither did my parents. There were also very big dreams about being in different places. I even had dreams about seeing or meeting certain people in my life. I could not fathom how it was possible, but I just kept dreaming about it.

When I think as far back as I can, there is not one dream that did not come true. These dreams are the deep desires of my heart where God had to show up because it was impossible for me to fulfill. When the moment of revelation comes to me that I am actually living one of my dreams, I am blown away!

Imagine if we didn't dream and nothing came through for us in life. What a sad life that would be. Keep dreaming as big, grand and impossible-as-it-may-seem kind of dreams. What I know is that dreams do come true.

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