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KA-BAM!!!! At the blink of an eye everything happened! We listed our home on Friday and it was sold conditionally on Saturday. This evening we signed off on the final condition, so it is S-O-L-D!!! I thank God for His exceedingly loving, generous and powerful hand of favor over everything we have done. He is great! I thank you for your prayers. There is more power when we pray together over everything. Finally, I can breathe out, a HUGE sigh of relief!

Where are we going? Only the good Lord knows! I am visualizing where I would like to stay, praying about it and we'll see what God does. Starting tomorrow I'll be packing, selling and giving some donations. This time, I'd rather travel as lightly as I can and store only a few boxes. We don't have much time now to move on, and that's EXCITING!

I feel like I am on a raft with God and I don't know where He's taking me, but He's with us, leading us, guiding us and will show us the way. We walk by faith.

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