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3.....A Grounded and Peaceful Day

Thank you for your encouragement. Some of you reached out to me after yesterday's post. I needed that cheering on and it helped to lift my spirits today. I spent a little quiet time with God and I remembered in the Lord's Prayer, "Thy will be done". I sat with that and agreed, yes, let Your will be done Lord, keep moving me forward despite how I feel!

I took another walk by the lake and what I saw was beautiful, but it is more beautiful in the picture below. I love the ripple effect that I see and the clarity of the lake water. It's so peaceful and serene.

I am casting my mind on nesting. When I think about setting up the studio, that brings me joy. Maybe some of my fears had been about not knowing really how to set things up to look beautiful and feel like home. I love having a peaceful, serene space and I am hoping that I can create that. I also found myself saying "I am ready to travel again". That's a huge shift after yesterday.

We took my mom to my sister's place to live today and had some fun with her, de-cluttering her wardrobe. That was another trip down memory lane as I saw my father's wallet, my grandmother's handkerchiefs and a clothing item that belonged to me as a child. It was great to see my friend from my primary school today and being with my family.

I am hoping that tomorrow, our move would not take too long and everything goes smoothly. My next blog will be done from my phone for the very first time. We'll see how that goes.

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