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Isaiah 14:7 says "All the lands are at rest and peace; they break into singing."

I confess that I have not really rested in two weeks and today I am not at peace. I just realized that it's been a month since we moved. July was an extremely active month for us physically and at work. I was taking breaks and then I stopped. Today I hit that wall again where my body said "Stop!"

I am thankful for a quiet day. Whatever else I have to get done will have to wait until I rest. For a very long time in my life, rest was over-rated. I wouldn't do it. I used to keep going until it was time to crash. It's in moments like these that I realize how unhealthy that was. I was trying to copy people who seemed to have endless energy and need very little sleep. That's not me. Sometimes I used to wonder if my rest would mean laziness, but that's different.

The scripture made me think about how refreshed I feel and how much peace I gain after a period of rest. Tomorrow thankfully is also a slower paced day for me. Rest gives me the time to search through the Bible about what I am going through, and allows me to meditate on those scriptures. That's how I heal. A machine that keeps going will eventually burn out if it's not turned off. That's true of humans too.

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