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A Boost!

I was asked what we take as we travel to boost our immune systems because we're here, there and everywhere!

The picture shows what our current regime is. On Guard essential oil, Zinc, Vitamin D and Omega 3 are our staples. We've recently added Elderberry and Grapefruit seed extract after learning about it from our doctor at Phenom High Performance Medicine and friends who share their experiences of what works for them. Oregano oil is a must at the first sign of an adverse symptom.

We've found that our bodies are responding much better to fighting off infections. The last time that I got sick, my recovery was much faster.

I will add a Vitamin B complex or B12 the next time I am in the health store. We were traveling with colloidal silver but it's not readily available here, so we switched over to the grapefruit seed extract instead.

If one of us is feels like something is coming on, we take everything full on since we're in this bubble together.

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