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A Shift at Fatima

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We were supposed to be in a different place but I had no peace about being there at this time. I didn't know why but traveling to Fatima gave me peace even though it was not a place that I cared to visit in the past.

Yesterday we spent some time visiting the sanctuary and surroundings. It would have been easy for me to judge many things that I saw, but I chose to take off all judgement, criticism and perfectionism. It was such a profound, beautiful and very loving experience. The peace, solitude, togetherness of people one, reverence, church bells, prayers and mass. Just seeing people come together to worship was a big gift.

I sat in the church for awhile and realized that I have not sat in a church since over a year ago. It was so good to be there and let my thoughts of God and conversation with Him be released with all of my love. I left there feeling great and clean. When I see with loving eyes it always creates a very beautiful experience.

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