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As The World Changes

Today I wondered about the impact of what we are going through and how it will change our lives in a year and more. We are still in the state of emergency lock down here. I took some pictures this evening of where we were as we purchased our dinner to support a local restaurant. There was not another person in sight in my pictures. It almost looked eerie, the lack of people and life.

I sat with the pictures for a bit and asked myself what am I grateful for and what was I grateful for when the pictures were taken. I was very very grateful for the one man who was outside, grilling the fish I ordered. I was touched as he asked us to return to the restaurant to support them. Every day I am grateful for my husband at my side, where we are, how we live and forever and ever grateful for God in our lives and all that He does for us.

With masks and laws and decrees, we are physically staying away from one another. My question to myself was “Is that what we as human beings really need?” Sometimes I would like a hug. When all of this is over, would I hug a stranger? I wondered how this experience would change the way we continue to live. For example, would we be comfortable saying cheers and clinking our glasses together or would we lose touch? No more clinking of glasses and hugs.

One thing I am grateful for is I am learning to love more and love more deeply. I have more gratitude and appreciation for things and people I once ignored and took for granted. The man grilling the fish would have been a person in passing a year ago. Now he has meaning in my life and I have gratitude towards him and the work of his hands. The more I think about what is going on in the world, the more I am driven to pray about what is going on. Maybe that is my purpose.

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