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Back In Portugal

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

We've been in Portugal for a week already. My experiences are different this time as it's now familiar. The olive oil, seafood, bread and wine are always superb in this country. I thought the food was very simple when I arrived here. Being away has made me appreciate the excellent quality and simplicity more. Last year we spent the summer in the northern part of the country. This time we plan on staying in the central region or south. It is definitely much hotter in these parts compared to the cooler northwest.

We're also adjusting to the rapid pace of life on the road after being in one place in Brazil for most of our time there. We've collected our last large suitcase and a couple of bags which we left behind to see what was in it. While we were away there were so few things that we missed in it, we decided to donate almost everything. When I looked at the small pile of things I had in the suitcase I realized that I held on to many things in case I needed it or I might have have an emotional attachment to it. After having so much fun in Brasil and buying clothing that I absolutely love, it was so easy to say goodbye to the things I once held on to. Can you imagine living out of two medium sized suitcases and a backpack only? What a journey of a lifetime! There is still nothing I miss from my former life of home ownership.

I always remember that when we die, we take nothing with us. Having so few possessions makes me appreciate what I have even more than the big house and fancy car. It's just where I am in my life. When I feel I need connection with my parents, I have letters from my dad, a ring from my mom, a small silver teaspoon from my mother-in-law and I remember that I carry my father-in-law's name. Nothing beats meeting my family in person though! I long to see them again and am praying that we are able to reunite this year. I wonder what that will be like. I also wonder how much things have changed in Canada. I am told it's quite different from when we left. Only God knows what we will see.

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