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Becoming Unstuck

Recently I had a meeting with someone in my Mastermind regarding my 2023 goals. At that time I was moving forward in some categories. In my Fitness category things were not moving. I was stuck and spent a lot of time wondering why and making excuses. In discussing what was happening in my Fitness category, something changed along the way.

In April I prayed for God to help me in this area as I had no desire to take action. I discerned that He wanted me to fast during the month of May by skipping dinner which I found a bit unusual as I felt it didn't fit into "fitness". But God knows best.

Fasting reset my mind, body and spirit. The length of fasting for an entire month engaged me in endurance, discipline, trust, grace and forgiveness. There were a few times when I was disobedient and each time I realized afterwards I was dehydrated. It helped me to recognize what dehydration feels like to me. I call it dehydration hunger. My body felt as if it needed a break from 3 meals a day and it responded with success!

In renewing my mind, there was also a battle at dinner time in my mind with the very strong tempation to eat some food or have a snack. It took alot of praying and mental agility to overcome the tempation which I began to recognize, was leading me into desiring eating. It's how tempation works, creating sometimes doubt and sometimes desire to do something I should not. I was able to successfully overcome it eventually.

Spiritually, I found that my connection to God was deeper and my prayers were answered faster than they ordinarily are. Most times they were answered immediately or the next day. I also desired learning about God more, like a hunger or thirst being satisfied.

I've gained confidence since fasting and this month I picked up my weights and started to exercise again. It was a natural progression because I felt so much better physically, emotionally and spiritually. At the end of fasting, I had so much more peace with myself. Yes, God knows best.

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